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Get the right LED, punch lighting, and more from M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd.

Cinematography Lighting Kit in Calgary

Shedding light on the film industry for over four decades, M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. makes your film production vision a reality with all the equipment and supplies necessary for a successful shoot. Our vast array of film lighting equipment includes LEDs, HMI options, Kino Flo® fluorescents, and cinematography lighting kits in Calgary. We understand you need the perfect setup to achieve the desired effect, so we stock punch lights, variacs, dimmer packs, and colour effect filters from LEE. We can complete your package with a variety of stands, accessories, and whatever else you may need.

Lighting is a big part of the equation, and we’re happy to provide just the right illumination.

Please contact us to learn more about our cinematography lighting kit in Calgary or any other product. We would happily address any queries regarding our film equipment rental solutions. You can find out how we've helped others by viewing our gallery.

The Importance of Lighting in Film Production

When it comes to film production, countless elements come together to make it a success. While factors such as the script and casting make up the content, the cinematography helps communicate it to the audience. Lighting is one of the most fundamental aspects of cinematography. The lighting of a scene determines the atmosphere and mood of a scene, and it ultimately helps directors tell the story they want in the way they want. Proper lighting is crucial for good cinematography because:

  • Lighting conveys the mood

  • Lighting and genre are closely connected

  • Lighting has numerous practical uses in film production

  • Lighting helps create shadows, which are vital

  • Lighting determines the colouring of a scene

  • And more!


We help you harness the power of lighting by providing you with high-quality cinematography lighting kits in Calgary. We have years of experience supporting our clients with their production and can meet your requirements with personalized solutions. Our company can also provide you with grip trucks on rent.

Services We Provide

We strive to meet all your film production equipment needs under one roof. You can get in touch with us if you need the following:

  • LEE filters

  • Sale of bulbs and expendables

  • Studio rentals

  • Lighting equipment

  • Grip equipment

  • Generators

  • Cabling and distribution products

  • Package trucks

Your Trusted Film Industry Equipment Supplier

To make your film production possible, you must move your cameras into the right position quickly and effortlessly. You also need on-site power. As your trusted film lighting equipment supplier in Calgary, M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. stocks a wide variety of grip equipment and accessories along with generators, cabling and distribution products. As an industry expert, we know what works for shoots of all types and supply durable equipment from leading manufacturers. With a call to M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd., you can rent camera platforms, dollies, risers, reflector boards, grip stands, and more.


Whether you are producing a film, television show, or corporate video, we want it to be of the highest quality, and we can make recommendations to help make that happen. We can even bring our equipment to you with our fully loaded package truck.

Expendables & Bulbs for Sale

We stock various film production expendables such as camera tape, gaffers tape, art cards, and transfer tape. We also have an array of bulbs at competitive prices. If we don’t have everything you need in stock, we can source it quickly.

Need a Place for Your Film Production in Calgary? We Have You Covered!

Bring your production to us! M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. offers studio space in Calgary for commercials, still photography, music videos, and corporate videos. Our large, 7,000-square-foot area gives you plenty of room to work and offers easy access through a 16’ wide x 14’ high overhead door. We also have a dedicated area for your still shoots and smaller video productions. Be sure to ask about our production facilities and special effects options.

M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. is a privately owned and family-run business that has served the Calgary film lighting equipment industry since 1975. We are environmentally conscious and recycle our materials whenever possible. Give us a call today if you have any questions or if you would like to make a rental request.

Why Choose Us?

Lighting plays a significant role in enhancing your video quality. Thus, it is important to ensure that your equipment is top-notch. M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. is a trusted name in the film production industry. There are several reasons to hire our services, some mentioned below.

  • ​We have offered professional lighting services to the film and production industry for over four decades.

  • We are a one-stop shop for video lighting equipment and accessories.

  • We offer lighting equipment and studio rentals to reduce expenses and help you complete your project quickly and economically.

  • We have grip trucks with all the equipment and tools required for film and video production.

  • As an industry expert, we have all the information about lighting equipment and its leading manufacturers.

  • We are aware of our industry’s impact on the environment, which is why we recycle materials to reduce our environmental footprint.

Please view our project gallery to get a glimpse of our work. For more details, get in touch with us today!

Need Studio Space for Filming?

We have up to 7,000 square feet of studio space for your film production.

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We’re Your Source for LEE Filters

We’re Your Source for LEE Filters

LEE Filters offers precision products for lighting designers, photographers, and more.

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Our 10-ton Truck Can Handle It

Pick and choose the equipment from our package truck list.

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Our 10 Ton Truck Can Handle It
Have Any Questions?

Have Any Questions?

Our experienced team can guide you and answer equipment questions.

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