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We're Your Source  for LEE Filters in Calgary


Set the right mood on your set or stage with the help of MTM Equipment Rentals Ltd. We offer the fantastic technology of precision light with LEE Filters in Calgary. The company is respected in the industry for its precision products, and we have made an association with them to help you get the best quality light for all your events. We can offer you a wide range of lighting filters.


MTM Equipment Rentals Ltd. has built a reputation in Calgary and around for stocking up quality products that offer perfect lighting for professionals in all fields. MTM Equipment Rentals Ltd. can help you with anything related to lighting, from professional video lighting to film production and beautiful LEE Filters.


Creating Beautiful Colour Effects

LEE Filters boast a remarkable range of lighting filters in virtually any colour you can imagine. LEE Filters has developed a manufacturing process that guarantees consistent colour from batch to batch, making the filters a dependable option for your film set. To ensure that you get the right product, we check each filter against a scientifically generated set of parameters. View the LEE Filters colour effect filter options here.


We offer designer filters created by lightning designers in collaboration with the research and development team of LEE Filters. If you are tired of the inconsistencies working with LED, try our Zircon filters. They are a hit with lighting professionals as they ensure consistent performance with LED time after time.



Enhance the Quality


MTM Equipment Rentals Ltd. also carries a range of technical and diffusion filters from LEE Filters. The technical filters are developed for a high accuracy rate. They work by converting and manipulating the light source to provide you with perfect shots. Diffusion filters are designed to soften and spread the light source to reduce the contrast between highlighted areas.


Contact our team to ask about our LEE Filters, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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Check Out Our Gallery

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