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Video Lighting Equipment in Calgary

At M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd., we understand how crucial lighting is for video production. Whether for a commercial or a film, video lighting determines the production's mood and is crucial for cinematography. For this reason, we provide an endless range of options for video lighting equipment in Calgary. Our team can help you make your production or photo a success with our extensive inventory of items. You can choose from LED lighting, Quartz Open Face lighting, Punch lighting, and more. We adhere to the highest standards and ensure you always have access to the latest lighting options.

We have been involved in renting film equipment for a long time. Our years in the industry have given us a complete understanding of your requirements. This allows us to serve you with efficient solutions regardless of your purpose. We can make informed recommendations and help you choose suitable items.


Please contact us if you want to know more about our video lighting equipment in Calgary. We can also provide you with a state-of-the-art studio space.


Benefits of Using Video Lighting Equipment


Some benefits of using video lighting equipment are:

  • You can incorporate lighting that is ideal for product photography.
  • You can use it for portrait photography.
  • You can create professional online videos.
  • You can use lighting to set up the mood.

Video Lighting Equipment on Offer

If you're shooting a movie, television, or corporate video, rent our lighting equipment. We have a wide selection of equipment that suits all needs. Our mobile truck will deliver the equipment right to your location. Following is the equipment that is available for your services:

LED lighting

• ARRI SkyPanel S60

• Astera Titan Kit

● Kino Flo Celeb – Tungsten & Daylight all-in-one

● Cinemills 1x1 CineSoft – Tungsten & Daylight all-in-one

• Cinemills – SUFA Bullet Daylight


Kino flo 

● Kino Flo Celeb

● Kino Flo Freestyle

● Kino Flo Mini

● Kino Flo Freestyle Tubes

● 4’ Kino Flo – 4 bank

● 4’ Kino Flo – 2 bank

● 4’ Kino Flo – single

● 2’ Kino Flo – 2 bank

● 2’ Kino Flo – single

● Mini Flo kit – 9”

● Kino stackers

Note: All Kino Flo products come with head, choice of bulb, grid, head cable, mounting plate and ballast.


ARRI M series

● ARRI M40

● ARRI M18

● ARRI M800


HMI lighting – fresnel

● Note: Head, lamp, barn door, ballast, head cable, lens set and scrim set included.

12K HMI Par

● 6K HMI Par

● 4K HMI Par

● 2.5K HMI Par

● 1.2K HMI Par

● 200W HMI CinePar


HMI lighting – par

Note: Head, lamp, barn door, ballast, head cable, lens set and scrim set included.

● 12K HMI Par

● 6K HMI Par

● 4K HMI Par

● 2.5K HMI Par

● 1.2K HMI Par

● 200W HMI CinePar


HMI lighting – softlights

Note: Head, lamp, ballast, head cable and gel frame included.

● 2.5K HMI Softlight

● 1.2K HMI Softlight

● 575 Watt HMI Softlight

● Egg crates

Incandescent fresnel

Note: Head, lamp, barn door and scrim set included.

● 20K – Complete with dimmer

● 10K – Big Eye or Vega

● 5K – Senior or Baby

● 2K – Standard or Baby

● 1K – Baby

● 750W Baby Baby

● 650W Tweenie

● 420W Pepper

● 300W BeTweenie

● 200W Inkie, Midget, Mizar, Pepper

● 150 Fresnel

● 100W Pepper

● Snoot sets – 10K and 5K

● Snoot sets – 2K and smaller


Quartz open-face lighting

Note: Head, lamp, accessory holder, barn door and scrim set included.

● 2K Blonde

● 1K Redhead

● 650W Redhead

● Redhead kit – 4 heads complete with stands

● 1K Nook lights with barn door


Punch lighting

● 12 Light maxi Brute

● Mac Tec 12 light w/ lenses

● 9 Light mini Brute w/ barn door

● 6 Light mini Brute w/ barn door

● 2 Light mini Brute w/ barn door

● 1 Light mini Brute or Jupiter

● 20k Dino lite – with gel frame and panel box

● 1k Cine Queen/Par

● 1k Par can with c-clamp


Soft lighting

● Chimera – variety of sizes

● Space light

● 4K Soft light standard or baby

● 2K Soft light – zip

● 1K Soft light – zip

● 420 Pepper soft light

● Grids – egg crates


Specialty lighting & kits

● North stars – 1000W

● Scoop – 18” 1000W

● Stik-ups™

● Lowel light kits (lamps not included)

● Dedo light kit – 3x150W

● 24Watt LTM mini par kit – 2 light

● Search lights


● Super trouper – HMI

● 575 HMI satellite

● Altman – Q1000



● 2000 Watt – 12 volt invertor

● 1000 Watt – 12 volt invertor


Variacs & dimmer packs

● 2K variac

● 1K variac

● 1800 Watt hand dimmers

● Flickermaster – 2000 Watt flicker generator

● Magic gadgets

● 6 x 12K Dimmer pack – CD80

● 6 x 6K Dimmer pack – CD80

● 12 x 2.5K Dimmer pack CD80

● CD80 – 12 channel desk



● Molevator

● Avenger Super Crank – standard or mini

● Matthews Crank-O-Vator Stand

● Manfrotto Crank-Up – single or double riser

● Combo stand with rocky leg – double or triple riser

● Low boy combo

● 2K Turtle base

● Junior stand with wheels

● Baby stand – double or triple riser

● Preemie stand

● 750 Turtle base

● Baby stand with wheels

● Mini max stands


Miscellaneous accessories

● Nailers – junior or baby

● Hangers – junior or baby

● Gaffer grips

● Mafer clamps

● Gator grips

● Cardellini clamp

● Scissor hangers

● Magic Arm with Mafer and gobo head

● Junior side arm

● Baby side arm

● Junior triple-header

● Baby triple-header

● Stand risers – junior or baby

● Trombone

● Hi-lo bar with stirrup

● Carpenter clamps with spuds


Here are some commonly asked questions about video lighting. Have a look!

What Is the Importance of Lighting in Video Making?

Lighting is very important in giving a professional look to your videos. It can impact your videos in the following ways:

  • It helps set the mood and ambience of the video. For instance, neutral lighting works well for commercial videos, but you will need dark lighting if you create a horror video.

  • It helps in giving a certain character to your subject.

  • It helps guide your audience’s gaze to the element you want them to focus on.

What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Video Lighting?

Common lighting types include key, backlighting, side, fill, bounce, and hard and soft lighting.

How Can I Achieve Soft Lighting?

Soft lighting can be achieved using large lighting fixtures or diffusion equipment.

What Is the Difference Between High and Low-key Lighting?

High-key lighting is very bright and fills a scene, whereas low-key lighting creates a gloomy and shadowy ambience.

Why Choose Our Lighting Equipment?

The right lighting can make a world of difference in your video quality. M T M Equipment Rentals Ltd. understands this, so we offer various high-quality video lighting equipment in Calgary. Our lighting equipment rentals allow you to achieve the desired effect for your video films without exhausting your production budget. From HMI and LED options to stands and accessories, we stock a variety of equipment to meet all your requirements under one roof. We also have package trucks to bring you the required lights at your convenience.

When you choose our lighting equipment, you can be sure of getting the best products and services to light up your next project!

Get in Touch With Us for Video Lighting Equipment in Calgary

We are a team of professionals who will help you find the right solution for your lighting needs. It is better to rent video lighting equipment because it is more economical and less time-consuming than purchasing it. Our seasoned team will provide personalized lighting solutions based on your needs. With us, you always have access to the best filming equipment.


We provide quality video lighting equipment rentals in Calgary and surrounding areas. Call us today for more information about our lighting and studio rentals or sales of video lighting equipment in Calgary.


Looking For That Perfect Light?

Choose from our broad range of video lighting equipment in Calgary.

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